Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Settling In A Little At A Time

Hi there!

As you can tell I am finally back in the blogging world. We have the internet turned on in our house so I can get back to letting out my insanity in a productive way.

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitment and drama. The rollercoaster hasn't stopped yet, but we are done with the crazy corkscrew loops {I hope} and we can just chill with a fast paced straight away for a bit.

Okay let me just say that it doesn't matter if you are doing the moving yourself or if someone else does it for's all stressful. I have so many things I could say about this experience, but I'm going to try to keep this post upbeat. It's my first one in a while and I don't want to scare you off too quickly.

I could tell you how somehow a 12 hour drive from North Carolina to Florida turned into a 15 hour affair. How we got in at 4 am and Monster decided that was his time to wake up for the day and try to escape from the hotel room more than once...but that is too awful to relive.

I could tell you how insane we were to think that we could drive 15 hours, sign our lease and move in to our house, get things at least halfway unpacked, and then drive another 13 1/2 hours from Florida to Texas...but that's not pleasant.

I could tell you about how none of my family can get along so we had to drive all over to make sure everyone got to see us...but I won't rehash that crap.

I could tell you how we got stranded in Gulfport, MS with a bad car battery and we had to stay the night with two ansty toddlers who just wanted to go see Aiden's new house...but that's for another day when I have more time.

What I will say is that I have had an adventure I won't soon forget. Aiden is now a three year old ferocious boy. He had a really awesome Dinosaur Train birthday party with family and friends to celebrate. We got to see some old friends that I am so glad I could reconnect with. Ethan's family is so supportive of my new business and even hosted a Scentsy party for me while we were home. I got to eat some delicious Mexican food (my fave) and see some pretty great movies.

What I will say is that unpacking seems so counter productive while you are doing it. Boxes are everywhere and there isn't a place for everything yet which drives me crazy, but it is getting better.
I will also say that moving is expensive! I mean holy stinking cow. This is mine and Ethan's first move where our parents didn't like completely help us out and make sure we had EVERYTHING we would need for a new house and more.We spent over $400 at Walmart yesterday getting food and other necessities. WHAT?! I almost had a heart attack at the register after I let out a gasp and a few choice words. The worst part? We still need more crap!

What I will say is that I absolutely love our house. It is so much cuter in person than even in pictures. It is closer than we thought to the EOD school...I mean Ethan can ride his bike if he chooses it's that close. The neighborhood is nice and quiet. We even had a neighbor come over with a plate of brownies for us!

Oh and what I will definitely say is that Atlantic Beach, NC has NOTHING on Destin, Florida. Oh. My. GOD! It is sooo beautiful. The sand is like walking on a perfect blend of sugar, salt, and powdered sugar. It is white and soft and it makes your feet feel awesome. The water is green and blue and turquoise. When you walk into the ocean there is no gritty feeling that you get with corse sand. It flows against your skin and wraps your body with it's silkiness. I have truly found love at first sight. I am going to be a beach bunny this year.

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  1. I loved the beaches in NC when I lived in Fayetteville! So beautiful!!!!! White soft sand :-) Now I miss it!


  3. I didn't realize you were here now!! How exciting!! AND our drive from Richmond, VA to FL took us a day and a half, it was torture! lol, are you working? Has hubby started school yet?! Hope you're settling well!! oxox