Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I'm Going To Miss (Pt. 1)

The Back Story...

My husband has been trying to re-enlist for about 10 months now. He doesn't particularly like the MOS he is in right now, and so he is trying to lat move. Before he deployed last winter he was training to go into EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal). He tried to do the screening interview before he left for the sandbox, but he didn't have time between his pre-deployment training.

While he was in Afghanistan he tried to do the interview again, but by the time he got ahold of the people in charge, there wasn't time to do the full interview. When Ethan got back to the states in early spring he once again talked to EOD and finally was able to set up an screening interview again.

He passed! He passed with flying colors and very high recommendations from the COs of both his unit and EOD. I also met with the people running his interview and the explained to me just what the MOS was about and how things work there, what to expect during his schooling, etc. He was so happy because this was what he really wanted to do the rest of his career, and I was happy for him.

He went to his career planner to submit his re-enlistment package and it was out of his hands, but he was pretty confident he would get it. Two weeks later the career planner told him that the MOS was closed out and he couldn't re-enlist into EOD. There are only like 2 jobs left for FY10 and one of them is Counter Intelligence, which is what Ethan has been trying to do for about 3 months. If he passes the interview he'll be able to re-enlist. If he doesn't, then he will have no other options and he will be out of the Marine Corps in early September (yes a month away)

So Ethan asked me to make a list for him of things that I will miss about the Marine Corps lifestyle if he does have to get out. He wants to know what I'm going to miss about being a Marine wife. He wants to know what I'm going to miss doing that can only be done because of, or if you're in, the military. What am I going to miss having due to him being a Marine? Also, now looking back on it, what are some thing I would've done differently or done more of while he was in the military.

This is getting to be a pretty long post so to spare you from taking 4 hours to read this whole thing I'm going to split it up. Pt 2 will have my answers to these questions my husband has asked me to answer.

But it has me curious...If your husband was forced to get out of the military tomorrow, what would you miss the most? What would you wish you'd done more of?

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