Tuesday, November 23, 2010

235th Marine Corps Ball

So I'm really late with this post {as seems to be the trend with the rest of my blogging lately} but I couldn't make it to Thanksgiving without giving proper notice to one of my favorite Marine Corps traditions. This year was extra special for my husband and I because we didn't even think we would be able to go to the ball this year. If Ethan had gotten out in August like we had thought, then we would have just sat at home on a normal weekday night watching TV while our friends celebrate the birthday of our wonderful Corps.

Ethan came home from work early and I went to get my eyebrows done and then we dropped Aiden off with the babysitter. Then it was back to the house to get ready. I had planned on doing my hair all fancy, but I was missing a few things so I just straightened it. Paired with my gown, I think it looked decent.

This year we were in the Marine Dome (the basketball gym) on base. Instead of a plated dinner there was a buffet style dinner with no vegetarian option. Ethan and I ate a serving of rice, broccoli and cauliflower, and a teensy salad. I was really excited to be finally be 21 for the ball, but this year it was a cash bar (normally you pay for a wrist band and get like 10 drinks...which would put this girl out on the floor!) and the drinks were pretty expensive so I decided to just let Ethan have his fun that night. I have to say though that the DJ was really great. He played an awesome mix of good music. Ethan and I had a ton of fun dancing and being with our friends.

our beer pong buddies
Ethan's shop

dancing the night away
Normally we don't get the professional ball picture done because we always bring our camera along and neither of us see much point in paying for a mediocre photo, but this year Ethan decided to splurge because I looked "so amazingly beautiful" and because this was our 4th and final ball at Cherry Point. 
yes this is a picture of a picture...my scanner isn't working
And thank God we did those pictures first because while I was letting loose out on the dance floor with one of my friends the worst thing happened...my dress malfunctioned. Yeap that's right. I was being bent over into a awkwardly funny dance move and there went my zipper. I'm talking it came undone from top to right above my butt. Luckily Ethan was nearby and when I rushed over to him and told him what happened, he was ready to whisk his princess away.

I admit that I cried once we got to the car. I knew the dress wasn't damaged because it was a faulty zipper even before I borrowed it from my friend, but I was so upset that I had to leave. I felt like I ruined the ball, even though there was nothing I could do. As soon as we got home and I slipped the dress off, Ethan zipped it up, and it was perfect again.

Even with the malfunction it was a really fun last time. We made a lot of good memories and had one last really great night with all of our friends in one place.


  1. You look like Belle from Beauty in the Beast! Sorry that the dress ruined your evening, but you were gorgeous in it while it lasted! Glad you had so much fun… :)

  2. Thank you! My son said the same thing...well sort of: "Mama's Beauty for Halloween!"