Saturday, November 6, 2010

While I Was Gone: 6th Street

My best friend, Jennifer, turned 24 the Friday we were in Austin. Ethan and I haven't been home for her birthday in 4 years so it was nice to be able to spend the day together. We took Jennifer and the boys out to breakfast at our favorite Austin diner, Kerbey Lane, and then we went to the mall to shop for club clothes because a bunch of us were going downtown that night for Jennifer's birthday.

Being that we live in a tiny town with limited options for clubs, I don't own that many going out outfits and who doesn't love to shop for a new outfit on their birthday? So Ethan decided to take the boys on the mall train to distract them while the ladies found the perfect outfit.

First we started out at a 24 hour kosher deli called Katz's (it never kloses!) for Jennifer's birthday dinner. It was me and Ethan and a bunch of Jennifer's friends from high school. Ethan and I didn't go to her high school so we didn't know everyone, but we made do. Ethan actually met a former Marine who was stationed in San Diego and had the same job as Ethan. In fact they were about 2 weeks apart during boot camp and school. They really hit it off.

Jennifer is the only one looking at the camera...
Then we headed down to the clubs. It was my first time being 21 on 6th, and let me tell you it is a completely different experience. Sixth Street is an Austin landmark. Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World, and 6th Street is where a lot of it goes down. I mean if you just type in "6th Street" in Google it'll tell you all about it. It is insane. It was my first time being 21 on 6th, and let me tell you it is a completely different experience. Add Halloween weekend to it and it just becomes this crazy place where you can see and be seen. 

Me, Monica, Jennifer, Ashley, and Melissa
 We went to a few different places, but my favorite was definitely Barcelona. It's completely underground so it has this awesome atmosphere. Plus the bartender made ah-mazing drinks. I think she made the best Blue Hawaiian I have ever had. Ethan happened to see a guy he used to work with back when he was a teenager who also got out of the Marine Corps like 6 months before so the three Marines bought each other shots all night. Needless to say, Ethan - who doesn't drink anything harder than beer anymore, was really really messed up. The sad part is that I trusted him with the camera....never again.
Anyways it was a really fun night. It was definitely nice to get out without the Monster and just let loose. We don't get very many chances to do that here in Havelock. Plus there's no place on Earth like downtown Austin!

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