Monday, December 13, 2010

Lifestyle Makeover

With the new year right around the corner it is the time to start thinking about the tons of different New Years resolutions that everyone makes, but by February no one keeps. I usually resolve not to even make a resolution because they never stick, but this year it's going to be different.

I have decided that it is time for a lifestyle makeover. I want to be a healthy influence on Aiden as he gets older. I'm a vegetarian, first because Ethan was, but then it became my choice, and I feel much healthier already, but it isn't enough for me.

You would think that from switching to a meat diet to a vegetarian one you would naturally lose some weight, as long as you are still eating the right way, but for some reason with me that isn't happening. I have my own theory on that, but until I find the time, energy, and bravery to go to the doctor I won't know for sure if I'm right. To get a jump start on shedding the pounds I have started taking a supplement pill to help the process along.

I'm not the type of person to go for the get skinny fast thing. In fact I intend on using these pills to help me get to my desired weight loss healthily by also exercising and eating even better than before. But since Ethan came home from his deployment 9 months ago, I have gained a good 20 pounds. That means I could give birth to a food baby right now!

I really believe that most people lose weight while their husbands are gone. I mean it's normal when you're not really cooking an actual meal every single night and (at least with me) depression/bad moods make eating less important.

I have always been a thick girl - it's in my genes, and I believe that having a little meat on your bones is normal. I believe that being happy makes you prettiest. I no longer feel good about myself and that is why I have made the decision to change. Not because I don't fit a standard of being pretty, but because I want this for myself. I don't even have a target weight to get down to. I'll know when I'm happy when I look in the mirror and can see a difference in my body inside and out.

Ethan and I are starting P90X tonight and although I know I'm going to die I'm going to keep going (hopefully) and work my hardest. I plan on having a better grip on a healthy body when we get to Florida. I don't plan on having a "beach body" at all, just a normal body would be nice. In fact that last time I wore a bikini was when I was about 14. It's sort of hard to wear a bikini when you are a 36FF. It gets to a point where it's just not appropriate. Now that I have had my surgery I'm looking forward to just wearing a tankini :-)

I'm sure I'll be posting about my successes and set backs over time, and hopefully there will be more successes than not. So wish me luck and support because it's always easier to achieve your goals with people standing behind you cheering you on. Here's to a new me in 2011!!

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  1. Finding the weight that makes you COMFORTABLE is the most important thing. A body image you can live with is the key, not perfection. You'll do great love! If you want to share stories, or vent, I'm here, cheering you on!!