Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Wedding

Okay so I planned on writing and posting this yesterday on our actual anniversary, but I spent all day cleaning and taking care of Aiden and getting ready for our night that I just didn't have time to post this. So here it is a day late. Sorry I'm so ditzy all the time.

 Finally after 3 1/2 months of planning and $6,000 later, we were finally getting married! Ethan was living at my parent's house when he came back from boot camp, but I was very serious about him not seeing me before the wedding (it's bad luck you know!) so I slept at the bed & breakfast with one of my bridesmaids. We were supposed to have a girl's night, but she decided to go out and get drunk for her birthday instead so I just took a long bubble bath and went to bed early. I was pretty nervous about the wedding the next day.

That morning I woke up early and went outside to set up the wedding arch we would get married under. I only had like 20 minutes, but I think it came out pretty. My parents picked me and Sarah up and we headed off to our hair appointments. My Aunt brought Chick-fil-A breakfast for everyone and we just joked and talked the rest of the morning while everyone's hair was being taken care of.

When everyone's hair was done we drove back to the bed & breakfast. Ethan was already there setting up the reception area so we had to sneak me inside, where I stayed until it was time to walk down the aisle. My parents realized that they had left my petticoat and bustier at my house {20 minutes away} so I was freaking out. Luckily my (ex)stepdad got it to me in time so that we weren't running late. My family is notorious for running late. In fact on the wedding invitations I purposely wrote the wedding time 30 minutes earlier on my family's invitations so that they would show up on time.

Everyone got dressed and then helped me change. I love my gown, and to this day I don't think I've never felt as beautiful as I did the first time I saw myself fully ready. I didn't know I could look so pretty.

I waited upstairs in the room we got dressed in while the music started. I remember standing at the top of the stairs and I just started praying, begging God to let me know that I was making the right decision and that I would be a good wife. I forced myself not to cry as I slowly made my way down the steps and out to where the aisle began. I took a deep breath and made my way towards my husband.

I honestly don't remember anything about the ceremony. I didn't even have a clue what the officiant even said at the time. I only had eyes for my husband. I was so lost in the moment that I even messed up when I was repeating what I was supposed to say when putting the rings on. We did the traditional vows in front of everyone and the our own private vows {which I have saved} that we wrote before we lit the unity candle.

After the ceremony we took the traditional pictures and then it was time to eat, dance, and party. We're from Texas so of course we had BBQ at our wedding - brisket, macaroni and cheese, and beans. I only ate the mac n cheese because I was so scared I would get sauce on my gown! Then it was time for dancing. Ethan and I dance our first dance to L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole. When it was time to cut the cake we didn't have a plate so we just kind of improvised. That was the only bite of cake we got that night. People just inhaled that thing so I guess it was delicious!

Looking back on our wedding always makes me smile. There were little upsets during the day, like my bouquet being completely not what I ordered at all, but it ran smoothly and in the end all that mattered was being with our family and becoming our own family.

Four years really isn't a long time, but looking back on the years we've been through a lot. We're honestly lucky to still be married. No I take that back - it's not luck. We worked our asses off to keep our marriage from falling apart and honestly it is better now than it was the day we got married. I love my husband with all my heart and I look forward to many more years with him.

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