Saturday, December 18, 2010

Random Tidbits

We live on base and so from time to time we can hear the Marines doing training. Thursday, along with the planes and helicopters flying overhead, there were several loud booms that made the windows shake and of course made me jump. Aiden kept asking me what the noise was and I told him that I wasn't sure. After the fourth time of the boom and Mama's tiny squeal Aiden decided he was going to ask me what it was over and over again until I finally gave him an answer he liked. After hearing "Mama what was that?" for the fifteenth time I finally told him in an exasperated tone that it was probably a bomb. His reply was "a bong!" Now he is running around the house telling me there is a bong. Dear God what have I done? I really can't wait to see people's faces when we are at Walmart and my son yells out "It's a BONG!"

My husband and I don't really drink anything other than beer or the occasional bottle of vodka or rum, but for our anniversary on the 9th we decided to lean toward the more romantic side and get a bottle of champagne. Ethan had to work the next day and I had already had two peach bellinis from Olive Garden so we couldn't finish off the bottle. We went to put up the bottle and realized we don't know how to stuff the cork back in so you know what we did? We went totally ghetto and found another option. Right now I have a bottle of champagne in my refrigerator waiting to be finished off....a water bottle. Oh yes we did. Hey it's recycling right?

I've lost 4 pounds since I started my new weight loss attitude on Monday!

Christmas is 7 days away!! We're actually almost done shopping this year! A family first.

I have come to the harsh realization that I completely and utterly suck at wrapping presents. Like seriously there is tape all over the place and wrinkles where there should be just a normal flat surface. I can shop like no other, but maybe next year I should take the time to pay for gift wrapping.


  1. Just don't forget it's champagne in the water bottle haha. My friend made that mistake one morning with vodka. And happy belated anniversary!

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary, and Merry Christmas!

    Thank you for the congratulations on my post today… I wanted to write you back but you don't have your reply email set. :( So, anyway… thank you!!

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