Friday, December 31, 2010

Twenty Ten

There is now officially 5 1/2 hours left until 2011 and I would like to take a few minutes to reflect back on what 2010 has brought us.

New Year's Day of 2010 was a rough one for me. Ethan had been in Afghanistan for less than 2 weeks and I was in Austin with my family. I remember that I was super sad to be alone on New Years (it was tradition that we always have a huge party)  but I was super excited for 2010 because it meant that some time during this year Ethan would be home again, although we had no idea when that would be.

In February I flew back to North Carolina to have a medicially necessary breast reduction. It was a normal 3 hour surgery that turned into a 9 hour ordeal...although I'm not complaining - I wasn't awake for any of it. Undergoing a pretty big surgery while I was alone with a 23 month old was going to be pretty rough so my best friend, Jennifer, and her son Tristan, and my mother in law all flew up a few days before my surgery to take care fo me for the first two weeks when I wouldn't be able to even lift anything about 15 pounds.

March brought about Aiden's 2nd birthday, all done up in Toy Story, and Ethan's unexpected homecoming. It was a very emotionally draining month, but in the best way possible.

The summer was just a buncle of emotions as we packed up our lives and came to terms with the fact that we would no longer be a Marine Corps family. We had the moving truck packed and we had given up our house when the news came that strings had been pulled and Ethan was being extended past his EAS so that he could re-enlist and LAT move into EOD.

In October we finally had the house to ourselves for the first time since July and it was a much needed break. Ethan and I really needed the alone time to be a family. We flew home the last week for his sister's wedding and then at the end of November for Thanksgiving we drove to New York to spend time with Ethan's best friend and his family.

December has been a pretty busy month. Ethan started his EOD on the job training (OJT) the first of December and he absolutely loves it. Ethan and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and then we had going away parties for Ethan and one of our really close friends here. We said goodbye to two amazing people who became more like family. Then with all the craziness of Christmas and Aiden's doctor appointments it feels like the end of the year has just crept up on us.

It has been a definite roller coaster ride of emotions this year. I just hope that 2011 brings happiness, success in Ethan's school, new friends, and maybe another tiny bundle of joy. Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. Happy New Year, here's looking forward to a great 2011!

  2. Happy New Year to you too! Looks like 2010 was pretty busy for you. Hope the coming year is a wonderful one for you. By the way, love your header pictures!