Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Ethan has been gone all weekend doing a motorcycle training class in Pensacola so Aiden and I have been playing and watching movies all weekend. We are missing Daddy pretty bad today since it's a special day just for him. Aiden has also decided that because Ethan is at a motorcycle class that means we are getting Daddy a motorcycle for Father's Day. HA! Ethan hates celebrating holidays like this, but I'm sure if there was a motorcycle in it for him I think he'd hold his tongue :-) Sadly for the boys we will not be buying a bike right now, if at all ever.
But in honor of Father's Day {and so that Aiden and I can look through pictures from when he was a baby together} I am posting a few of my favorite pictures of my boys together. Ethan is such an amazing father. I love to just sit and watch him and Aiden play together sometimes. I'm a lucky lady to have them.

Ranch heads
when he was first walking
Deployment 2009
Homecoming 2010
loving Florida
I mean who doesn't want a picture with Ronald McDonald??

I love you Boo. I couldn't ask for a better partner through all of this. Happy Father's Day. ♥♥♥

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