Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Big Five-Oh

Wow so I now have 50 followers. I find that crazy! So to celebrate I would like to get to know the people who are learning so much about me. I'm not sure how to do a giveaway the right way so if someone wants to e-mail me about that I might do one of those in the future, but for now I'd just like to get to know everyone.

So here's what I'd like to do. I love doing little survey thingys so if you could, leave a comment with your answers. Please and thank you!

  1. What is your favorite type of food?
  2. How long have you lived at the place you are at now?
  3. What is your dream job?
  4. What is your favorite book?
  5. What is the best movie you watched in 2010?
  6. What is a random fact I should know about you?
  7. Leave me your favorite blog post that you have written.

And as always thank you for coming here to see what I'm all about. It's always nice to know that people are interested in what you have to say. Don't be a stranger!

♥ Lauren


  1. 1. Asian/Indian
    2. 4 1/2 years
    3. Becoming a member of the Cincinnati Symphony
    4. Jane Eyre
    5. This one is hard...I think 2010 was a bad year for movies...I have none.
    6. I love the Argentine Tango
    7. don't have one yet, but here's the link to my blog!


  2. Aw this is fun!
    1. anything salty (serious problem)
    2. almost 6 months
    3. art lawyer or museum curator
    4. Too many to choose one, some faves include The Floating Book, Sense&Sensibility,The Screwtape Letters
    5. Hmm. I'll go with Harry Potter just because it's all that's coming to mind right now.
    6. Diet Coke makes my world go round.
    7. Hmm, can't say I have a favorite yet, but this one makes me chuckle: