Monday, January 24, 2011

Epic Fail Tofu Style

I have been branching out on my cooking skills and wanted to try something new. I love learning about food, especially when it's new recipes and techniques that I've never tried or even thought of. I love to get a recipe and expand upon it and put my own little twist into it.

I was looking through different recipes in my Vegetarian Times magazine and came across something different and interesting that I wanted to try: Tofu Saag Paneer. It looks very simple and sounded so yummy so I added it to my weekly menu and grocery list. I told Ethan I wanted to make him a surprise this week since I have never cooked tofu at home before, but when we're at restaurants we almost always seem to order it. It's one of those foods where if it's cooked right it's delicious, but if it's tastes like soft squishy mushy digustingness.

On Thursday Ethan had an overnight sleep study so I wanted to make something really nice for him as a late lunch/early dinner. I thought why not try the tofu thing. I was super excited for this recipe. I even took pictures of everything so that I could add it on here as one of my recipes once it was deemed amazingly delicious.

I gathered together all of the ingredients I would need. Which weren't a lot, which is why I chose this recipe - because it was super simple.

 I followed the directions exactly. I first cooked the tofu, then the onion, garlic, ginger, and curry powder.

Then I added the spinach and cooked for a few more minutes. After that, I added the tofu, milk, and yogurt and mixed it all together.

It smelled really yummy, but it didn't look so good. I kept thinking to myself I should have made some rice to go along with it, but it was too late to worry about that so I scooped it into bowls and told Ethan that dinner was served.

I always let Ethan taste my creations first because even though he'll eat anything, I can usually judge by his facial expressions whether the food is good or not. I watched every little muscle as he scooped up a nice forkful of the green stuff and shoveled it into his mouth... And then his eyes got big and his mouth twitched. He glanced at me quickly to see if I was watching him, and then forced the stuff down. I could practically hear him moaning on the inside. He gave me a look of pity and started smiling sheepishly and I knew it. The tofu saag paneer that I worked so hard to make right...was not as good as I hoped.

I made Ethan take another big bite just so that I could show everyone his reaction.

He had to force himself to swallow. Then it was my turn. The pictures he took of me never made it on here because I couldn't even finish the bite without spitting it out. It was that gross. We couldn't stop laughing because it was pretty funny. I was soooo proud of myself and bragging about how I'm going to make tofu all the time now....yeah not so much. I'm sure I will try again, but not with this recipe and definitely not for a while until we can get the taste out of our heads.

Needless to say we ate Subway instead. Ethan and I have deemed this Tofu Saag Paneer from Vegetarian Times an epic fail.

{If you would like to try the recipe for yourself, even if it's just to punish your husband and take embarrassing pictures feel free to contact me. ;-P}


  1. Ask Ethan's mom about Cabbage mushroom stroganoff. Charlie

  2. I've never tried tofu, and don't plan to, but that's hilarious. If I thought I could get in my husbands mouth I'd get the recipe from you in a second.