Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An "Explosive" Easter

So this Easter was definitely one to put down in the books. I've never had an Easter go so....interestingly.

We started the morning off with Aiden waking up and finding that the Easter bunny brought him Roarbert - the Scentsy Buddy he has been asking for since I started selling Scentsy in February - and Megamind. We ate a wonderfully healthy breakfast of chocolate donuts with extra sprinkles before letting Monster discover that the Easter Bunny had also hidden a dozen brightly colored eggs around our yard. This was the first egg hunt where Aiden actually walked around mostly on his own and found the eggs by himself. The silly Easter Bunny hid a pink egg all the way up in the tree that he needed help with, but other than that he did great.

After a sugar-filled morning we decided to head out to the beach to relax for a while. Our friends that Ethan goes to school with, came out with us. They brought their adorable dog and Aiden was in love at first lick. Aiden has been slightly scared of the beach since we moved here, but once he saw Kaos running around in the water and playing to his heart's content, Aiden was soon following suit. He spent almost 2 hours straight just wading around in the water with Daddy and Kaos while I made sure that my pale skin soaked up as much sun as possible.

After the beach, our friends and us decided to combine our Easter dinners together. So after showers and all that we headed over to their house. We had just gotten the food started when Ethan and his friend went down to the garage to look around at stuff (the garage is underneath the actual house) when they told us that the police would be coming over soon, so don't freak out if we see them pull up.

Why would the police be coming to the house on Easter? Oh because the boys found a smoke grenade and a red phosphorus cluster flare randomly in the garage. It is a felony to have that sort of stuff in your possession so they called the police to let them know. About 15 minutes later it seemed like the entire emergency department was at their house. They evacuated us to a few houses down, and that is where we stayed for the next two hours until the EOD from Eglin AFB got there.

Aiden got to play in the back seat of a cop car, which he loved. He kept saying "Mama it's the po-po!"

While we were stuck outside our food was still inside cooking or waiting to be cooked. They wouldn't let us go back inside to turn the oven off so we were just all hoping that the ham wouldn't burn. After what seemed like forever EOD came and took the ordnance away and we were allowed back in the house.

By the time we got back inside, had all the food cooked, and sat down to eat it was already 10 pm. Poor Aiden was so tired he ate and then tried to fall asleep at the table. We still had fun, but next year we learned that if something like this ever happens again we eat first and then call the officials!

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