Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Would You Take?

Ever since my family moved back to Texas after my parents' divorce we have lived in one neighborhood. We started off in a duplex right behind an Albertson's and a shopping center. It was perfect because my mom is legally blind and couldn't drive and we were in elementary school so my brother and I obviously couldn't drive either. After about 3 years my mom bought a house in the same neighborhood, but further from our duplex. My aunt lived in that neighborhood also.

On Sunday my neighborhood became victim to a wildfire. All over Facebook were statuses from friends I went to school with, some I've known since 4th grade, saying that they were being evacuated and their parents' houses were in danger of burning down. It was a huge fire. C-130s and military helicopters were dropping fire retardant and water over the area. My grandma told me it was a crazy sight to see. Ten homes were completely destroyed and another eleven or so were significantly damaged.

My old house didn't suffer any damage, but the house catty corner across the street was damaged by the fire. As of yesterday the fire was completely extinguished and the firefighters were pulling out of the area.

The start of the fire? They think it was a homeless person's campfire. Which is totally believable because when I was younger living in the duplex there was a homeless camp somewhere behind our duplex because they would jump the fence and fill up their water jugs with our water hose. It used to freak me out. My mom had to call the cops one time because my brother and his friend swore that they found a rifle back in the woods near one of their camps.

Ethan and I have thrown around the idea of getting a fire and waterproof safe to keep our important papers in and all that and this has made me think about it even more. So this is my question: minus the social security cards and all that stuff, what would you take? How do you decide what is the most important in your life?


  1. that is really really scary! i hope everyone is okay.

    in our safe we keep our birth certificates, ss cards, marriage license, all important insurance information and my husband's important military paperwork. our safe is not large so we really can't fit too much into it. we'll be upgrading to something larger hopefully soon.

  2. Pictures. Store pictures in there, or copies of pictures at least. You never know how important those are to you until they're destroyed.