Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Teaching My Son A Lesson

This morning I took Aiden's temperature because he felt slightly warm. I knew he wasn't running a full blown temp or anything just because of how happy he's been today. Monster takes after me when he gets sick - he doesn't want to do anything and is a real brat until he starts to feel better. His temperature was normal so I told him that he wasn't sick and that he could go play some more.

Aiden decided to instead throw a huge fit for like 20 minutes because he wasn't sick and didn't have to go to the doctor. Ummmm really?? Who does that?! So today I decided that he is going to learn a lesson. For some reason he thinks that being sick is fun because I wait on him hand and foot. Today that's going to change (since he's obviously not sick at all).

I used to fake sick to try to stay home from school like I'm sure most people did when they were younger. On the rare days that my Mama actually did let me stay home she made it miserable for me. During school hours I had to stay in my room with no tv or anything else - just books and the occasional nap - and once school was out I was able to watch a movie or two before eating chicken broth for dinner while watching everyone else eat something homemade and delicious and then going to bed early.

My son is going to learn that pretending to be sick is not fun at all. He is only 3 so I'm obviously not sending him to his room until 4 in the afternoon, but he will not be playing at all today. We are going to have a movie marathon on the couch, laying down the whole time, in pjs *gasp* without toys. He will be having soup for lunch and then he will be taking or nap - or at least he'll be forced to lay down for an hour or so. When Daddy gets home he will not be allowed to play outside or go for our usual walk because sick kids don't get to do that. He will be having some sort of bland dinner and then he will be going to bed early. We'll just see if he likes pretending to be sick and throwing fits because he is fine. Silly Monster.

****It is now 8 pm and the Monster is in bed and *hopefully* going to sleep. I would just like to say that my little Mama experiment worked. When Ethan came home from school he asked Aiden if he liked being sick. Aiden said "No. It's no fun." He wasn't allowed to move from the couch (except to eat and go to the bathroom) all day and he was soooo bored by the time bedtime rolled around. Good to know that I'm doing something right every once and a while and who knew my Mama actually was right back in the day. Hopefully this little lesson early on will keep him from skipping school down the road instead of like me {57 unexcused absences in 1 school year....yeah...} Hmmmm I'm not counting on it....


  1. Wow- you managed to keep him still all day?!

  2. I used to love pretending I was sick. I bet little man will rethink his plan next time he wants to be waited on :)

  3. I used to pretend I was sick. My mom caught on pretty quick. So my parents gave me 2 "personal" days. I could stay home any two days in the year I wanted too as long as I had no tests or projects due that day. I could sleep late, watch tv, est whatever I wanted but I only had TWO. Loved those days!