Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eye Doc

Aiden has had minor problems with his eyes since he was born. From birth he had a blocked tear duct in his right eye. The doctors told us it would go away on it's own in about 6 months, then they told us 12 months. After his one year check up the PCM told us that we need to see a pediatric opthamologist to talk about the options to fix the tear duct. We got a referral out to the only pediatric opthamologist in eastern NC, which is in Wilmington NC {about 2 hours from us}.

When Aiden was 16 months old he has surgery on his eye to fix the tear duct. It was a quick 30 minute surgery, no complications or anything, no pain meds to worry about, and we were on our way. The hardest part was seeing Aiden after waking up from being put under. A kid that small doesn't understand what's going on and it's like waking up and feeling drunk...but as a toddler. It freaks them out.

Anyways Aiden's left eye since around early to mid-August has been moving inward like a lazy eye when he focuses on things. It has never happened before so we got another referral and met with the doctor today. Apparently Aiden's eye can't be corrected with glasses. He has to wear an eye patch over his right eye for 3-4 hours a day to try to encourage the left eye to start working properly. He has to do this for at least the 5 weeks between his next appointment. The nurse has told us that this will be difficult for us so we need to find special things for Aiden to do while it's patch time. He also has to be scheduled for a CT scan to rule out that it isn't being cause by something in the brain. The doctor said he doesn't think that that is the case with Aiden because he is definitely slightly ahead of other children his age. The last and final option if none of these things work out for him will be eye muscle surgery. I'm trying to focus on the fact that this may not be needed at all, but the thought of Aiden having another surgery just scares me. I won't dwell on it until the time comes, but I really pray that it doesn't come to that.

Since we were already in Wilmington and I couldn't see the point in wasting a two hour drive on a short doctor's visit, we also took Aiden to the Children's Museum. We've never been to the one in Wilmington, but if you have kids or know someone with kids in the area it's definitely a cute place to go. There's a bunch of different small exhibits to play with. There is a lower floor that was under construction, but the rest of the place was interesting. We're definitely going to be going back once they have the rest of the place finished.

He takes any chance he gets to act like a kid


  1. Awe I'm sorry sweetie! I'll be praying the patch works!

  2. My little sister has to do the patch too. I hope it helps for you guys.