Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a few random things

So I have been reading through my blog and I have come to realize that I haven't really told you much about myself. I mean with the exception of my Introduction, I haven't really said that much about me. That is what I will do today, just give you a few tidbits about me and mine, just in case you're interested.

♥ My name is Lauren (obviously), but my nephew calls me Lala. It was the 9th most popular name in 1989, and although a lot of people say they love my name...I hate it. It is too common. I was Lauren R. my entire school education with an average of at least one other Lauren in almost all of my classes.

♥ Because of my common name I really love different and exotic you can plainly guess my husband picked our son's name. My first choice was Israel. Although if you look at Aiden's pictures he looks nothing like an Israel. 

♥ I was born in Texas, but I lived in Memphis, Tennessee until my parents divorced when I was 9.

♥ I have one brother, Bryan, who is 15 months younger than me. He still has the ability to annoy the crap out of me, but I still love him.

♥ My Mama is albino. Like you know the little white lab mice? That's my mom. She has white hair, purple eyes, and pink skin. She is also legally blind.

♥ My Daddy is the commissioner of the Gay Softball League of Dallas. He has a husband (legally although Texas doesn't recognize it) and a puppy. Ethan calls him "The Commish."

♥ I support gay marriage.

♥ Ethan was at my parents' wedding before I was even conceived. Tell me that's not crazy.

♥ Ethan and I have been together since 2003. I was 13 and he was 15.

♥ I was engaged at 16, married at 17, had a baby at 18, and was *almost* divorced at 19. I am now 21 years old and very happily married. :-)

♥ I have twelve brother/sister-in-laws and the number keeps growing every few years.

♥ I became an Aunt for the first time in late August.

♥ I have had plastic surgery. I had a medically necessary breast reduction in Feb 2010. It was a 9 hour surgery and they took out 6 pounds!

♥ I love music. Seriously. It is always playing wherever I go. I speak through lyrics. Might be corny but it's totally true. I don't discriminate either. I listen to it all randomly.

♥ I don't have a favorite singer or band because I like different artists at different times. At the moment I've been listening to South Park Mexican (SPM), Tegan and Sara, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Billie Holiday, and Paramore the most.

♥ I love playing video games, but our Xbox360 has been broken for a while. My favorite games are Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

♥ I wasn't allowed to watch a lot of movies when I was younger.

♥ My favorite movies are Thirteen, Beauty and the Beast, The Hangover, and Across The Universe.

♥ I like faeries, hearts, stars, waking up to text messages, sunsets, fresh baked cookies, new clothes, shoes, and overcast skies.

♥  I don't like green beans, humidity, allergies, or cold rainy days.

♥ I love really good Mexican food.

♥ North Carolina doesn't have really good Mexican food.

♥ I've never been on a roller coaster that goes upside down.

♥ I just learned how to ride a bike about 3 months ago.

♥ I'm one of those people who loves Starbucks, but almost never orders something with coffee in it.

♥ I love to cook.

♥ I love photography.

♥ I would consider myself adventurous.

♥ I will always try something at least once.


  1. NO that's my nephew calls me Aunt mom dreamed this one up... and promotes it against my wishes...I hate it...Makes me feel like a Tele-Tubby

  2. North Carlina has awful Mexican food lol. And I really think we would get along!! We can watch Across The Universe together haha

  3. You may be the most interesting person I've 'met' in years! I found your blog on milspouse blog hop and can't wait to read more! You're funny and witty and adorable! :)

    Good to know about the bad Mex in NC... I'm thinking that's what I'm going to miss most about Califoria when we PCS next summer (just an educated guess as I have no idea where we are going...)

    Thanks for sharing! ;-)

  4. Hi! I'm over from the Weekly Roundup! I have to say, that is the most interesting and unique list I think I have ever read. :) I love Mexican food, too, and Georgia only has mediocre Mexican food. I can't wait to move to El Paso!