Friday, October 1, 2010

October? Really??

I woke up today to the sound of no rain and I have to say it was a very welcome silence. I like the occasional downpour, but this constant four day non-stop wetness just drives me crazy. Aiden has wanted to go play outside and is so bored with playing in his room and coloring and watching Disney movies. Tristan {my best friend's son} is now sick. We aren't sure if he has really bad allergies from the rain washing everything out, or if it's the flu, but either way he doesn't have insurance here so we're hoping that it doesn't get worse.

So today is October 1st. Is that insane to anyone else but me? I mean it still feels like it should be like July or August. I guess it's from all the excitement and all the people in the house over the summer. I mean Aiden spent the month of June in Texas. In July my mother and brother in-law came to stay for a while. In August we had Isaac with us, Jennifer and Tristan flew up here, and we went through the whole Marine Corps and moving drama. In September Isaac went home, but Jennifer and Tristan are still here. I hope that we can have a quieter and more relaxing fall and winter.

October is going to be a pretty busy month, but in a good way. Ethan's birthday is on Monday so we're going to go out this weekend to celebrate. It's going to be nice to be able to go out and have some fun without the kids. In late October Ethan's older sister, Amy, is getting married so we're going home. I'm really excited because we'll get to see our new niece for the first time.

Now for the really really great news.....

Ethan is re-enlisting on Tuesday!!

It has been almost a year since he started trying. It seemed like problem after problem came up that kept him from being able to re-up. Then we ran out of options. We had the house packed and the moving truck loaded and Ethan got a call. The higher ups in VA had decided to give him a 2 month extension {never been done before} so that he could re-enlist. Now we finally have a date. Next week we'll be signed to the Marine Corps for another 4 years. I couldn't be happier for my husband.

He is re-enlisting and LAT moving (changing jobs) into EOD, explosive ordnance disposal {think The Hurtlocker, but less dramatic} It's a pretty tough job. The school is almost a year long in Florida and then after that we'll PCS. Luckily Aiden and I will be able to go with Ethan while he is in school. Also because he will be changing jobs and his score to pick up is higher in the MOS he's in now, he'll be picking up rank in either November or December, depending on when they put his package completely through.

Although the MOS sort of scares me, I know that the Marine Corps will train him well. I'm just happy that he is happy. Things are starting to look up for us again.  :-)


  1. Congrats to the both of you! That is awesome and I hope things work out!

  2. awesome congrats on the reenlisting! i know what you mean about all the rain it rains CONSTANTLY in germany! After 4 years of Matt in the army it still hasn't clicked for me I'm not in TX anymore and flip flops and light hoodies won't do. lol.

    Are you guys going home for Christmas?

  3. Congrats on re-enlisting! That's awesome!

    Thanks so much for joining in the MilSpouse Round-up this week! Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)