Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Swap Package!

So with all the stressful irritating crap happening today I was so excited to open the door after chow and find a white package from the post office from my Fall Swap partner, Reina. There has been issues with the mail lately so I was beginning to wonder if it hadn't just been sent back to her.

Reina sure does know how to give the goodies!

There's a lot of candy, but I'm sure that over the next few days that will be eaten. My husband doesn't like to admit it, but he has a huge sweet tooth. Candy never lasts too long when he's home. She also added some cute ghost marshmellows and sprinkles and little Halloween baking cups so Monster and I will be making our first batch of cupcakes together soon. She also sent some lip balm (which I love), some "adult" candy, a nice candle, an adorable picture frame, and a really cute Halloween card.  The candle is Caramel Apple Pie and it smells so good! It has been burning since I opened it. I also really love the picture frame. Aiden's newest Halloween picture will be going in there as soon as we can decide what he is going to be. {It's between IronMan, Woody, and a little Marine.}

Aiden LOVES these straws!

oh yes we're going to bake soon
Thank you so much to Reina for the awesome package and also to Nicole for hosting the Fall Swap!!