Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Aiden Thinks About His Daddy

So it's a well known fact: I am a Pinterest addict. I've given up on trying to deny this simple fact. I simply love the awesome ideas I get - especially new recipes and crafts. So I've been browsing lately and since it's practically Father's Day {on Sunday} there's been a ton of Father's Day questionaires. The answers some of these kids have about their Dads got me to thinking. What does Aiden think about Ethan? How does he view the most important man in his life at his wizened age of 4 years?

So while Ethan is gone I have compiled my own list of questions for Aiden to answer. I was slightly surprised at how in-tune to Ethan he is, even if he still puts his child's view on his answers. This Monster is a smart cookie! I think I'm going to find a creative way to give him the questionaire since Ethan despises presents of any sort. He'll get a laugh out of this, and it will be free. Which is always good with my silly frugal man.

Father's Day 2011
  • My Daddy's name is Ethan
  • He is 14 ft and 4 inches tall.
  • He is 24 years old. 
  • He weighs 100 pounds. 
  • He has brown eyes.
  • He doesn't have any hair because he's bald
  • My Daddy likes to go to the movie theater with us.
  • His favorite movie is The Avengers.
  • Daddy's favorite restaurant is Souplantation.
  • His favorite food is vegetables!
  • Daddy's favorite dessert is vanilla beans.
  • Daddy's favorite thing to drink is beer
  • For fun Daddy likes to play puzzles with me.
  • His favorite game to play is the shooting game {Call of Duty: Modern Warfare}.
  • His favorite sport is fighting {UFC/WEC}.
  • At his job, my Daddy breaks bombs when he's wearing his work helmet.
  • Daddy likes to wear cammies when goes to work and school, and regular clothes when he is at home.
  • Daddy's favorite color is blue. He thinks it is clear, but clear isn't a color
  • Daddy knows how to shoot guns.
  • Daddy doesn't like it when Loki bites him.
  • Daddy's favorite animal is a lion.
  • My favorite thing to do with Daddy is going on adventures together.
  • One day Daddy will come home and sing me a lullaby.
  • I will always be happy with my Daddy
  • Daddy is special because he is my Daddy, silly!


  1. <3 the "at his job" response. That was good for a laugh! Such a funny smart little dude!

  2. so adorable hun !! I cant wait for Jude to be able to do something like this lol BTW love what his job is lol

  3. That boy melts my proud heart:-) That was wonderful, Flat-head! I love you all:-)

  4. So sweet and cute! your lil guy is very smart and I am sure Ethan is going to love this as a present. Holly

  5. that was super sweet, loved it!