Monday, February 7, 2011

A Few Random Things From Over The Weekend

♥ We put in an application for the house we really want. Hopefully we'll hear something back this week!

♥ Ethan surprised me by signing me up to be a Scentsy Consultant! I love Scentsy and I've been thinking of becoming a consultant for a while. I should be getting my kit today or tomorrow and I can't wait to get started!

♥ Super Bowl XLV really surprised me this year. I wanted Green Bay to win, but I really expected the Steelers to win. I didn't get first pick in our annual Super Bowl bet, so I was stuck with the Steelers, and in the end they just let me down. Now Ethan gets to take a nap anytime for however long he wants for the next week and I can't say anything to him or wake him up unless he tells me to. That's alright I'll get him next year.

♥ Was it me or did a lot of the commercials this year just suck? Or they had nothing to do with the product the commercial was for (like the Kim Kardashian Sketcher's one) My favorite was definitely the Volkswagon Darth Vader one.

♥ We got a few things from Cherry Point Yard Sales this weekend. Best find? Lord of the Rings Box set for $10. I really hope there's something similar to that when we get to Niceville.

♥ DMO is coming in exactly 3 weeks to pack up the house.

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  1. I wasn't so impressed with the half time show, the best part were the lights. Some commercials were good though, but not as good as other years :) Congrats on being a scentsy consultant! I love scentsy!