Monday, February 28, 2011

I'll Be Back

The movers should be here soon to pack up almost everything in the house. We are also turning off the cable and internet today so that means that I will be MIA for a few days. I haven't completely figured out my new phone yet so we'll see if I can blog from there but....I don't count on it.

We'll be cleaning and getting the house ready for inspection on Thursday morning. After that we leave straight for Florida. It's a 13 hour drive, which should be a piece of cake after the 4 years of driving 27+ hours straight to Austin.

Once we get all of the utilities turned on and the movers deliver our stuff on Friday, we will be leaving straight to Austin Texas for a little bit before Ethan has to start EOD school. Aiden's birthday is next Tuesday so we'll be having a birthday party for him back home with our family since we haven't met anyone in Niceville yet. He's pretty excited.

And then Jennifer and Tristan will be coming back to Florida with us to stay for a while. Not sure how long yet, but I'm gonna guess a month or so.

So I will be trying to keep up with everyone while I'm gone, and hopefully next week I'll be able to blog about the move and all that fun stuff.

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  1. dang girl, you are going to be a very busy girl! Fingers crossed it's a smooth ride until you are in your new home!