Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Florida Here We Come!

It's official. We gave the housing office our 30 day notice and scheduled our final housing inspection. We officially leave Cherry Point on March 3rd for Florida. I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to leave this place and get started somewhere new.

We found a few houses that we really like. I'm learning not to get my hopes up just yet though. Our favorite house was just approved for an application yesterday. :-( That's okay though. There are plenty of houses in the area, and that just means God has a better place for us. We were told that this week there will be more houses available because it's the first week of the month because people will be giving their 30 day notice.

This week a friend of Ruthie's who is stationed at Eglin will be going around to the houses we have called about so that he can tell us what the neighborhood is like and send us pictures of everything. I can't wait to really get into this house hunting. We've never done this before. We decided to live on base when we moved to NC so housing just chose a house for us. It's fun to say "No I don't like this one. The kitchen is small and I don't like the washer and dryer next to the toilet.," or, "This one is pretty. The yellow kitchen makes me smile." Who puts the laundry room in the bathroom?

Ethan is going to a moving class tomorrow and then from there we'll schedule our TMO pick-up date. We decided after the fiasco in August that it was better to just have someone else move us. That way all we have to worry about is getting the house super crazy obsessively cleaned for the housing inspection.

It's so crazy that it is already February. It seems like this year is already beginning to fly by!


  1. You will LOVE Eglin!! If you have any questions just let me know. We were in Panama City for 5 years and spent almost every weekend in Pensacola.

  2. Very exciting!! You're coming at a great time, weather is warming up and it's very pretty! xo

  3. How exciting! I've lived in Florida twice and loved it.

    Visiting from the weekly roundup. Have a great weekend!

    Wife on the Roller Coaster

  4. Found your blog through the weekly roundup... I see you are getting ready to move to my neck of the woods. =) I'm assuming your husband is getting ready to start EOD school. We are about 5 months into school right now, we live in Niceville as well. Good luck with your move! Let me know if you have any questions! =)

  5. Fun! I love a good move.

    <3, New Follower

  6. Hello! I found your blog through the Fill-In and I wanted to say welcome to Florida in a few days! We're at Hurbie and live out in Gulf Breeze :) You'll love it here!