Friday, September 10, 2010

The Newest Mommy

Life Letter #16
"Someone that's not in your state/country"

Ruthie -

I haven't had a chance to fully come out and say congratulations on becoming a new mommy to the cutest (and only) niece I have ever had. I mean of course we've talked on the phone and I got to hear her coo in the background and I hung onto every text message from you or your mom when you were in labor, but I haven't gotten to actually talk to you about being a mom.

It is so crazy and funny to me that back when we were younger we used to joke about how if I married one of your brothers we would be sisters and our kids would be friends and blah blah blah....and here we are today. I did marry your brother and now we each have a child. The first two grandkids in the family. I have the first boy, and you have the first girl. Did you ever think it would turn out like this?

Welcome to motherhood Ruthie. It is an amazing ride. There will be days that you will never forget, and there will be days where you want to rip your hair out. There will be sweet belly laughs and there will be heart-wrenching tears. The first time she'll call you Mama will be unforgettable, but the first time she tells you "I love you"...there won't be words. She will drive you completely insane {especially if she takes after her uncles}. She will scare the crap out of you. And you will love every second of it all.

When Daniel deploys I want you to call me when you need someone to talk to. I know what it's like to be alone with a baby while your husband's gone. I know that as much as the family helps, there's still only so much they can understand. Especially your parents because they have never been separated for more than a month at a time. They've never been a single or part-time single parent. If you need someone to listen to you cry or make you laugh, I'm here for you. That's what sisters are for.

We don't say it too often, but I do love you. You're older so it might be kind of weird to hear, but I'm proud of you. You're going to be an amazing mother. I can't wait to see you and the baby in about a month.

- Lauren

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